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Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is a unique week at Camp Peniel. For starters, it doesn't happen AT Camp Peniel. Though registration and pick up are at camp, the majority of the week for these campers is spent at our off-site Adventure Camp area in Sandford, NS. Campers typically return to the camp some time on Thursday so that they are able to take advantage of Camp Peniel's facilities (and to take a shower before pickup!).

Adventure campers spend the week sleeping in tents. The food is either cooked on a portable propane stove or over an open fire. Campers are taught skills in various adventure activities including (but not limited to) shelter building, outdoor cooking and fire building, whittling and knife safety, canoeing, hammock making, plant identification, and fishing.

Ages 15-18                                           $315 (before April 1st)

August 1-6, 2021                                 $390 (after April 1st)                

Drop Off: 6:00 pm Sunday              Pick Up: 6:00 pm Friday

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