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Frequently Asked Questions


What time is pick up and drop off?


For most of our camps (Scramble, Leadership, Adventure, Wilderness, and Activate!), drop off is at 6:00pm on Sunday and pick up is at 6:00pm on Friday. For Mini Camp, drop off is at 6:00pm on Sunday and pick up is at 6:00 on Tuesday. For Teen Camp, drop off is at 6:00pm on Sunday and pick up is at 6:00 on Thursday. For Scooter camp, daily drop off is at 8:30am and daily pick up is at 4:00pm. 


If Peniel is a Christian camp, do campers have to be Christians in order to go?


Not at all! In fact, a large percentage of the campers who attend come from many different faith traditions or have no faith background at all. However, because Peniel is a Christian camp, all guests who attend our programs are going to be told about a God who loves them as well as stories and teachings from God's Word: the Bible.


Will my child be safe at camp?


Absolutely! Safety our number one priority at Peniel. We have highly trained and qualified staff to run our high risk equipment in order to keep your camper safe (for a list of qualifications, please see the next question). Our cabin leaders do routine head counts, and our maintenance crew continually keeps things clean and in great shape for all of our guests. Our Health Director will look after any medical needs anyone may have.


What special qualifications do the staff at Peniel have?


Our staff are required to be cleared by a RCMP Criminal Record Check including a Vulnerable Sector Check. Also, the majority of our staff carry a minimum Emergency First Aid and CPR Level A certificate. The staff who run the low ropes course are qualified instructors. Our cooks have all taken the provincially required Food Handler's Safety Course. Camp Peniel also has a qualified Lifeguard.


Staff Training is also an integral part of life here at Peniel. Our staff all take part in at least one week of intensive staff training before filling their summer position and are expected to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ at all times.


What is the staff to camper ratio at Camp Peniel?


We are committed to a 1:3 staff to camper ratio.


Do I have to go to the Bible Studies and Vespers programs?


Yes, both of these are important parts of what Camp Peniel is all about! We do not want you think this these are boring, though, because they are not! Our weekly speakers are engaging, interactive, and fun! There is some pretty amazing stuff to learn about God, and there are always important life lessons for us all! We want to challenge you in all aspects of your life!

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