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Camp Life


A quiet day comes alive at Camp Peniel with the ringing of the bell and the smell of breakfast cooking in the lodge. While the grass is still wet with morning dew, campers are either getting ready to head to flagpole, or those who are a little more daring get suited up for a quick dip in the lake! Breakfast, like every other meal, is served in a family style setting with cabin groups eating together.


After some morning announcements, campers head to their cabins for clean-up and (on a rotation basis) choose a skills option that they will be involved in that day. Special time is set aside for cabin groups to get together for cabin devotions during the mornings. It's a time for life questions, learning new things, exploring who God is and what relevance Jesus has to all of our lives. These are special times of the day where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share stories. 



Before lunch, skills options are offered in one to two hour sessions where campers are challenged to excell, encouraged to be creative and simply have a good time! There are lots of options to choose from and exciting things happen here! Then it's off to a fabulous lunch - sometimes a picnic, sometimes a hot dog roast!
The afternoon is always packed with Global Adventures (missions), another skills option, tuck (the canteen) and the ever popular "Choose Your Own Adventure." During this time, campers are free to go swimming, fly off the Blob, play mega games, jump on the trampoline, improve their archery skills and so much more! And look out for Wacky Wednesdays where everything is ... wacky!
Then it's off to supper - a banquet on Thursday - and a camp wide event in the field. What's a week at Peniel without at least one game of Burning Bridges?! The evening begins down by the lake at our vespers area with the sun beginning to set over the horizon. 
Vespers is always a special time of reflection for everyone. After some singing we slow down to hear what our Spiritual Life Leader has to share from God's Word. From here we move into a blazing campfire complete with silly songs and great skits! Then we top the day off with an exciting night game and a great snack before heading to bed. But everyone knows that tomorrow will be another great day ...

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