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Mini Camp

Campers who attend Mini Camp get a taste of a "traditional" week of overnight summer camp, but do not have to stay for a whole week. Mini Camp is only three days and two nights. During that time, campers will get to experience all the classic features of summer camp like swimming, archery, canoeing, campfire, camp-wide games, and tuck while also adding some newer elements like our low ropes course, water trampoline, and gaga ball.

Mini Camp happens at the same time as Leadership Camp, which means that some campers who are there at the beginning of the week will be staying until Friday. The two camps are housed in different cabins. 

To see what a day of camp is like, watch the video!

Ages 7-9                                            $160 (before April 27th)

July 7-9, 2024                                    $180 (after April 27th)              

Drop Off: 6:00 pm Sunday              Pick Up: 6:00 pm Tuesday

Ages 10-12                                           $160 (before April 27th)

July 10-12, 2024                                   $180 (after April 27th)

Drop Off: 6:00 pm Wednesday         Pick up: 6:00 pm Friday

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